The Theory of Plate Tectonics–Accept or Reject?

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plate tect

For now this is just a collection of resources. Eventually there will be lesson summaries and 5 E model lesson plans.  The main story line is to collect evidence of Plate Tectonics. We will analyze earthquake and volcano data to look for patterns. Students are pretty quick to identify that the earthquake and volcano data when plotted on a map makes up “puzzle pieces”. We learn the name of the plates. From there we look at the depth of earthquakes to determine where might one plate might be subducting under another.  We will analyze the speed of plate movement to help explain the slab pull explanation of plates moving. We develop and use models to explain the land forms created at the boundaries of the plates and examine the evidence that supports these models. Students will evaluate all the evidence collected in the unit and decide if they accept or reject this theory. If you are interested, subscribe to the blog and get updates.

General Resources
Analyzing Earthquake and Volcano Patterns to infer where plate boundaries are located: 
Slab pull driving plate tectonics:
Divergent Boundaries: 
Convergent Boundaries:
Transform boundary:
Connection to continental drift:

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