I find the NGSS website overwhelming. Time is a limited resource during the school year and I found navigating through the website when creating lesson plans to take up so much of it.  So, I compiled a NGSS quick guide for each grade level K-5 and middle school. These quick guides contain helpful resources from the NGSS and NSTA websites (and links to the websites so you can go back and peruse when you have leisure time). I used Word so that it can easily be edited to fit anyone’s needs. I use them to guide my lesson plans and as a resource for my curriculum meetings.

These quick guides include:

  • Summary of student expectations for each grade level K-5 and middle school
  • Infographic on how to read the standards
  • Standards for the grade level
  • Condensed explanation of the cross-cutting concepts, scientific and engineering practices, and disciplinary core ideas
  • List of common acronym uses by the Next Generation Science Standards (because there are just not enough acronyms in the education field)
  • Grade band progression of disciplinary core ideas and scientific and engineering practices
  • Links to the original resource page

(Please leave a comment with any other helpful information that can be added or any other constructive feedback)

Kindergarten NGSS Quick Guide

1st Grade NGSS Quick Guide

2nd Grade NGSS Quick Guide

3rd Grade NGSS Quick Guide

4th grade NGSS Quick Guide

5th Grade NGSS Quick Guide

Middle School NGSS Earth Science NGSS Quick Guide

Middle school NGSS Life Science Quick Guide

Middle School Physical Science NGSS Quick Guide

Middle School Engineering Design NGSS standards

NGSS Grade Band Progession DCI.CC.SEP

But wait, there’s more…

Paul Anderson has done an excellent job of breaking down the Next Generation Science Standards. In each video he shows examples of how the standard looks in elementary, middle school, and high school so you can see the progression. You can watch his whole NGSS YouTube series here.

Here is a link to the framework Anderson referred to in the video.


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