Directions for Making Student Earth Models and Light Bulb Sun Models

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earth model step 6

These models are very useful in teaching the “Reasons for the Seasons” and to model the day/night cycle. They are easy to make too, which is a bonus. I made enough so that there is one for every two students. Here are the steps:

    1. Purchase the spheres**

Smoothfoam 6-Pack Balls Crafts Foam for Modeling, 3-Inch, White earth model step 1 earth model step 1a

2. I mark a dot for our latitude and the same latitude South, a latitude about 60 degrees N and 60 degrees S, and North Pole, South Pole–all on the same longitude line. I also mark the equator.

earth model step 2a earth model step 3

3. Use a pencil to represent earth’s spin axis. This will go right in the South Pole.

earth model step 4

4. Making little people figures and taping them on the models is very helpful. I use post it notes and reinforce with tape if needed.(I don’t have a picture of this figure on the mini-globe but here’s what it looks like on a regular globe).

earth model step 5b earth model step 5

5. And here’s the light bulb sun model. This one was already in my science classroom when I began teaching.  I just put it on a desk and duct tape it down. Yay! But I wanted more so I made a few that are different because I couldn’t figure out how these ones were made.

light bulb sun model 1 light bulb sun model 1a

6. I purchased these materials**:
Pass & Seymour 9880CC10 Medium Base Lamp Holder Porcelain Surface Amount Type, Two Piece Construction
Creative Hobbies® Lamp Cord Has Rotary Switch, Plug, Stripped Ends Ready for Wiring -6 Foot White

and asked my electrician husband to put together (it didn’t look difficult) and here it is:

light bulb sun model 2a light bulb sun model 2

7. Put the models together and this is what it looks like. Remind students that the bulb get HOT!:

earth model step 6

**Any Amazon links are affiliate links. This means I get a small percentage (4%) if you purchase this product. I only promote products that I have bought myself and found helpful. The proceeds are used to keep the blog running. Thank you!

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