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For the past few weeks I’ve been on modified bed rest because I’m expecting twins. This was a perfect opportunity to get my blog going! I’ve been able to post a complete unit on seasonal change that I believe fully implements NGSS as well as Math Common Core Standards which is my goal for all my units. I do appreciate any feedback. There is still a lot more to do but I’m running out of time since the twins are due in two weeks and I have a two year old son. Eventually, I’d like to have all my units posted with lesson plans that implement the NGSS as well as Math Common Core Standards: Matter and Energy, Inside Earth (continental drift, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, land forms, rock cycle, geological time-whew!), and Weather and Climate (layers of the atmosphere, properties/composition of air, wind, water cycle, air masses and fronts, storms, while integrating evidence of climate change into all the lessons–whew!).

Most likely I will start by posting my resources and general ideas for the units and then, slowly but surely, add in the lesson plans.

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